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Clare has made three CDs of her original songs, which all include a marvellous mixture of comedic songs as well as contemporary ballads. Her first Album was “Make It Sound Easy,” her second released CD was “Feels Like Coming Home” and her latest album is “Still Let Me Fly.”

She has also had two books published (“Gateway to Heaven” and “We’re The Girls”) and one play published, (“Hearing Voices”). See below for details on these publications and how to order them.


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Still Let Me Fly

Still Let Me Fly CoverThe long-awaited arrival of a brand new bouncing* CD by Clare Summerskill!

Clare spent several months in labour with this particular little bundle of joy (and heartbreak) but finally all that pushing paid off and she now has a lovely addition to her family. Older siblings “Make It Sound Easy” and “Feels Like Coming Home” are getting on well with the new arrival and although they hope that they will always be loved more than their baby sister they recognise already that she has a fresh-faced and original quality about her.

Clare has never had children of her own and has always regarded the production of her shows and music as substitutes for this fact. If you have been affected by any of the issues in this e-mail please call our helpline on 0800waltznotschmaltz.

* This applies to carpeted areas only, the management will not accept responsibility for any broken CD cases that have been “bounced” on concrete, tarmac or on parquet flooring.

What’s been said about this album

  • “I don’t really understand your sense of humour” – Dave, Sound Technician at the recording studio
  • “Haven’t you written enough of these sorts of songs, why can’t you do something now for heterosexual audiences?” – Clare’s mother
  • “We have a finance plan where you can make repayments on the loan you took out to make this CD over a thirty year period” Clare’s Bank

Tracks on this album:

  1. Sweet Revenge
  2. Clarksville
  3. Wedding Bells
  4. Therapy
  5. We’re The Girls
  6. Still Let Me Fly
  7. I Didn’t Know
  8. Yours For The Asking
  9. All Right
  10. I’m Not An Artist
  11. Another Love Song
  12. Pride

Price £11 (includes p&p)


Feels Like Coming Home

Feels Like Coming Home CoverFilled with songs of laughter and love…

Tracks on this album:

  1. Brand New Girlfriend
  2. Tell My Mother
  3. I’m A “We”
  4. Falling In Love
  5. I Still Dream Of My History Teacher
  6. Single
  7. Feels Like Coming Home
  8. No You And Me
  9. It’s Not Easy To Start Us Again
  10. The Years Have Not Been Kind
  11. Go
  12. The Last Song  

Price £11 (includes p&p)


Make It Sound Easy

Make It Sound Easy CoverAlternatively witty and moving this totally original album contains a unique mixture of catchy comedy numbers and beautiful love songs. The perfect present your girlfriend, your girlfriend to be, your past girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend who is now your best friend, the possibilities are endless!

Tracks on this album:

  1. Pointers
  2. Settling Down
  3. Why Can’t I Find Someone Normal?
  4. Obvious Dyke
  5. Ex Files
  6. Cowgirl
  7. Every Day
  8. Shade Of Blue
  9. I’d Be Lying
  10. Windows Of Souls
  11. Faces Of You
  12. Make It Sound Easy

Price £11 (includes p&p)


Gateway to Heaven –
Fifty Years of Lesbian and Gay Oral History

A collection of stories about the lives of forty-six older lesbians and gay men and their experiences from the 1940s to the 1990s. The chapters address a range of subjects relating to personal, social and political history from the twentieth century.

Published by Tollington Press 2012

Price £13 (includes P&P)



A play about life on a secure psychiatric ward.

Published by Tollington Press 2010

Price £10.50 (includes P&P)



We’re the Girls

A collection of Clare’s finest comedy monologues, short stories and song lyrics.

Published by Diana Publishing 2008

Price £9.50 (includes P&P)



Gateway to Heaven

Based entirely on interviews from older lesbians and gay men, this is a film made from the play. It was commissioned by Age Concern and is available for free from Age Concern England, Opening Doors. Contact

This DVD can also be seen as part of a TALK by CLARE on LGBT History. For more information click here.

Queen’s Evidence

This film was commissioned by The Metropolitan Police and Age Concern in response to the HATE CRIME BILL,and it examines the relationship between  the police and older LGBT  people in London over the last seventy or so years. It is available for free from Age Concern England, Opening Doors. Contact

This DVD can also be seen as part of a TALK by CLARE on LGBT History. For more information click here

Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices is based entirely on interviews with mental health service users. This DVD is a shortened version of the full length, Arts Council funded play that Clare toured nationally in Spring 2010. The DVD will be available later this year as part of a talk and screening that Clare will be presenting for various, Mental Health Conferences, Universities, Hospitals and interested groups and organisations. For more information click here