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Booking Clare

Clare Summerskill can be booked:

  • to perform her stand-up comedy and songs
  • to perform her one-woman full length theatre shows
  • for giving talks about her work in specialist areas:
    • older LGBT people
    • Hate Crime Legislation and older LGBT people
    • Research of her play about the experiences of Mental Health service users
  • to run her comedy writing workshop for women
  • for book readings and writing festivals

For all inquiries please contact

A Message from Clare Especially for You

Photo by Alison Darren

Hope you’ve enjoyed visiting my site and that you now know a little more about me know than perhaps is good for you. But I’d better get back to touring around to theatres and comedy clubs up and down the country, meeting lesbians of all shapes, sizes and sexual proclivities. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it! Yes, it’s tough at the top, girls, apparently.

And of course being a famous Lesbian also brings certain drawbacks along with it, one of which being that inevitable sad deluded stalker. No sign of one yet for me, but let me apologise yet again to Sharon Gless for my past indiscretions in that area.

Another downside to being a famous dyke is the constant fear of Inning”. That rather vile practice that still occurs if some boy you once snogged at school thinks they can make a quick buck by calling up the gutter press and saying that Clare Summerskill’s a heterosexual! Well obviously in my particular case no one would ever believe them, but that’s not the point.